How to choose a good LED display?

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How to choose a good LED display?
1.Check Flatness
The surface roughness of screen should be Within ± 1mm to ensure the display image is not distorted. Rough and uneven surface may cause dead viewing angle.
The quality of flatness is determined mainly by the production process. Ben recommends that, to ensure good quality, it is very important to find a reliable and professional manufacturer with talented workers, strict quality control system ,advanced production machines and standard management .
2. Check Brightness
General requirement for the brightness are as follows:
1. Indoor:>800CD/M2
2. Semi indoor: >2000CD/M2
3. Outdoor( facing North):>4000 CD/M2
4. Outdoor( facing south,bright sunshine light upon the screen):>8000CD/M2
Brightness is determined mainly by LED lamps, Ben recommends that before taking order, please tell the seller where you will install the screen and describe the installing environment as detail as possible, so professional seller will help choosing the right LED lamp for you.

3. Check viewing angle
Viewing angle scope directly determine how many audiences can see the images, so the bigger viewing angle, the better. The scope of viewing angle is determined mainly by the package way of LED lamps. Such as DIP (Double In-Line Package) or SMD (Surface Mount Device). SMD lamps has bigger view angle than DIP lamps, DIP lamps are better at heat-dissipating and more stronger and durable than SMD lamps in outdoor brutal environment. So DIP lamps are widely used for outdoor extremely adverse environmental condition. Now super flux LED lamps are used for led display, it integrates the advantage of DIP and SMD led lamps, so super flux LED lamps will become very popular in outdoor LED display. MR LED has launched P10,P12,P14,P16,P20 outdoor super flux LED display, it is a great innovation.
4. Check White balance
White balance is one of the most important parameters. White balance is determined mainly by control system. LED lamps also affect it.

5. Check Reduction of color
Reduction of color refers to LED screen shows the original color of things that are broadcasted . Good LED screen shows realistic images highly consistent with original color. A good supplier can ensure the spectators enjoy realistic images.
6. Check if there are Mosaics or dead dots
Mosaic refers to small modules always light on or off. The defective module mainly caused by poor quality of the connectors used for the display. Dead dots refer to some LED lamps are always lighting on or off. It is determined by the quality of LED lamps.
7. Check if there is chromatic aberration
Chromatic aberration refers to there are differences between adjacent modules in color.
It is caused mainly by the poor quality of control system, gray scale level is not high enough, or low scanning frequency.
8, Check average power consumption
In fact, the lower average power consumption the display is ,the better. No body wish to pay more for electricity bill. Everybody wish to save money on it. MR LED have launched energy-saving LED display,it saves 30%-50% power than common one.



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